10 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Houseguests

The holiday season is finally upon us, and all around the nation, people are beginning to plan their holiday feasts and parties with their family and friends. During the holiday season, many will be traveling long distances to visit their loved ones nationwide and spend some time together. While this is a fun and joyous occasion, quite often it can be stressful for the host and the traveler.

If you have guests coming over to your home to celebrate the holidays this year, don’t fret! Follow these 10 tips below to help you and your guests to have a wonderful holiday season this year!

Offer Some Storage Space – During the holidays, your guests will come with baggage – actual bags and suitcases, that is! Do your best to accommodate them appropriately by giving them an obvious location for them to store their bags and coats temporarily. Don’t have a spare closet? A simple row of pegs or hooks in the foyer will do nicely for your guests.

Arrange Your Living Space – You don’t have to totally revamp or rearrange your entire living space before your guests come over, but you should definitely consider arranging the space in a way in which your guests and you can all sit and chat comfortably. Try setting small side tables next to your couch and the chairs so they can have a stable, easy-to-reach place to set their drinks and phones. If your couches are a bit too deep, bring out some throw pillows to help you sit more comfortably. Remember, nothing has to match, but try to make your things at the same height so your eye level is equal.

Supply Finger Food – Nothing says “welcome” more than sharing food! Make your guests feel more invited by placing small decorative bowls filled with nuts, fresh veggies, cheese, pretzels, and other goodies on your tables. Just be sure to keep your treats away from any curious pets!

Offer an Extra Seat – It can be frustrating to enter your home and have to take off muddy or wet shoes while standing, especially if you have bags or other items in your hands. Imagine how your guests might feel if they have to do the same. Try to offer an extra place to sit or to set their things on when they enter your home or go into the guest bedroom. If possible, add a bench or an extra chair to the guest room so you your guests can place their bags and suitcases on it. They’re bound to appreciate it!

Make Them Feel at Home – No one likes to keep his or her hygienic products huddled on the corner of the bathroom sink. Provide your guests with a useful surface for their toiletries in the bathroom or in a nearby location. Anything from as large as a cabinet or table or as small as a stool will help your guests feel more welcomed in your home.

Cozy Up the Guest Room – If you have a guest room or two available to your guests, do what you can to cozy it up a bit! Put out extra blankets on the bed to make sure they will get a good night’s sleep. Be sure to wash the sheets and blankets and give them enough pillows to get comfortable!

Deck Out the Nightstand – If at all possible, provide your guests with a nightstand beside their beds. This additional space will give your guests a safe spot to place their glasses, a glass of water, their phones, or anything else they might have at night. Try to provide a lamp, alarm clock, and a box of tissues for them as well.

Offer Light Reading – Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to lie in bed and read something light. Stock your guests’ bedrooms with magazines, short stories, or even shorter novels to keep them company at night.

Keep the Basics Handy – It’s awkward as a guest to try to find where the basics are in someone else’s home. Be sure to keep your basic necessities such as towels and washcloths, toilet paper, bread, cereal, milk, tea, coffee, blankets, and more in a location in which your guests can find them easily. Put them in obvious locations or in plain sight, if you can.

Add Pops of Color – Cheery touches of color, especially in the dead of winter, are always an appreciated sight to behold. Add a little pop of color to your dressers, windowsills, or nightstand by displaying small vases of fresh flowers. It’s an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to add color where it’s needed. Plus, many flower smell great, and the presence of plants has been known to keep people’s spirits high and happy!


Need more tips? Looking for the perfect home to accommodate all of your family and friends during the holidays? Just give us a call at (314) 835-6000 or visit us online at www.DiscoverStL.com to see how we can help make your dreams come true. Happy holidays!

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